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Trinity Global Services has the proven expertise in managing special events, including art openings, concerts, fashion shows, fund-raising galas, product launches, store openings, beauty pageants, corporate golf tournaments, infomercials and television advert spots. We put together impressive presentations and productions.

Our art and entertainment services include actors and models placement for various events, exhibitions, special events, commercials, TV & film promotion, advertising and publicity.

Event Marketing & Management

Trinity Global is a Corporate Event Management company which enables corporates and brands to reach out to the audiences through events, trade-shows and conferences. India has been clocking a growth rate of almost 22% every year. We are also the planners of events and exhibitions which we systematically chart and execute; tapping emerging digital formats and integration of the same in sports marketing and intellectual property. We can create live events, backed by branded back-drop with integrated media experiences helping clients to build up their brand and get closer to their ultimate goal – the customers and business influencers.

Brand Activation

Brand activation’s play a crucial role in the positive building up of the brand perception in the minds of customers. Mass media is a highly creative tool that works favourably and has adverse effect as well. To unleash the power of this activation favourably there are certain set rules that we follow to see through to the end. Also we pursue a detailed study of the existing customers and trends followed by the market behaviour that enhances the image of the product line of the clients. A satisfied customer gets multiples and a dissatisfied will ruin in tens of the multiple, so it is imperative that this activity is handled with care and professionalism for which we are renowned and experienced.

Celebrity Management & PR

Managing celebrities from different walks of life – various artistes, who’s who personalities, superstars and other famous icons. Managing their schedules and taking care of their promotional activities. Doing branding for their events. Keeping a check on their image and taking their image to the next level if necessary by doing image building for them. Also handling crisis for them.

Art & Entertainment PR

Handling the promotional activities, pre-launches, post launches, launches and events of books, films, music, art galleries, art exhibitions. Creating teasers and gradually developing the hype before the launch. Arranging interactions with entertainment media journalists covering films, music and art & culture.

Fashion PR

Handling the promotions of fashion houses, garment brands, intimate wear brands, footwear and accessory brands. Generating customized content for each fashion category and placing them appropriately in the fashion columns of newspapers and magazines. Arranging store visits for fashion journalists and doing a photo shoot at the stores. Arranging interactions with fashion media journalists.

Celebrity PR

Handling the celebrity events of various corporates. Managing the promotional and branding activities of the brand ambassadors of various products. Also arranging brand ambassadors for the varied services offered by corporates. Getting media interactions for brand ambassadors to aptly position the products and services of corporates.

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