” Building credibility. Raising visibility “


Trinity Global Services is investor relations firm in India. We are advisory firm specializing in public affairs, corporate communications and media relations. We partner with public and private companies to enhance their achievements to the global investment community and stakeholders.  We offer result-oriented advice and counsel to optimize their need for funds. We provide a full range of value-added services, including Corporate Financial Advisory, QIB and IPO marketing.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer assistance in identifying suitable targets for M & As divestment, identify strategic JV in India for domestic and overseas partners. We also offer strategic communications support for bidders in friendly mergers and tender offers. Trinity Global has expertise in the deal process works and also specialises in the way a transaction is likely to be received by the media and the capital markets.

Initial Public Offerings

Trinity Global has substantial experience offering counsel to clients through the IPO and fund raising process. We have the experience working alongside advisers from initiating the pre-IPO stage to build awareness of the offer and develop the communication strategy, messaging and materials. Post-listing we provide on-going investor relations and media programs to support liquidity, share price and market perceptions.

Equity/Debt Raisings

Trinity Global has proven capability to raise capital, through private equity, venture capital, debt funds and mezzanine capital. We have articulated a clear and simplified fund raising investment module to bondholders, credit analysts, ratings agencies and specialist debt media to help clients increase their market understanding and support, resulting in improved access to lower cost of funding.

Corporate Restructures

Trinity Global supports clients to manage the often conflicting interests of their employees, customers, suppliers, investors, creditors, political and regulatory bodies, and the media. Any restructure requires sound strategy and futuristic vision along with a practical approach to communication. We support clients through this process and work with them to manage the often competing interests of their stakeholders. Companies need the support of their key stakeholders for their plans to reorganize and rebuild, particularly as these plans will usually require some infused discipline.

Trade Sales + Divestments

Trinity Global develops and executes cross-border buy-outs, strategic JVs, expansion and the supportive communication campaigns to evaluate the true financial value of a trade sale or divestment as appreciated by the client’s key stakeholders.

Financial Media Relations

Effective management of the media can directly influence the eventual result and market performance interest is always high but rumours and speculation can quickly derail the process. Leveraging our deep financial media relationships and our understanding of the M&A process enables Trinity Global to advise our clients on the most effective ways to communicate during transactions and corporate finance events to achieve the desired result.

Entrepreneur Mentoring

Trinity helps the Entrepreneurs by being a source for their advice, information, money, talent that can help move the business forward. Trinity Global strives to be a one-stop shop for its client companies to access the services available within Trinity Global and its network. It includes workshops, advisory services, analysis services, and special events that cover the five key stages along the entrepreneurial journey from business concept to global enterprise.

Corporate Training

Trinity Global’s programs are Outbound Training oriented. Each corporate workshop is customized to the specific brief of a client after a detailed training need analysis. Lectures and slideshows are conducted by a team of highly experienced facilitators, corporate trainers, soft skills trainers and outdoor instructors. Adult learning techniques, role plays, adventure activities, simulations, management instruments, case studies, exercises, SWOTs and innovative collaborative inquiry methods enhance the learning.

Technology Relations

We are passionate about technology and have the expertise to create high-octane media campaigns which is ideally fit for tech companies who are seeking visibility and relevance in an industry that constantly reinvents itself. We offer branding services, which ranges from start-ups, young companies on steep growth trajectory and established brands. Our team offers B2B and B2C tech companies with strategic branding services to help them stay in front of the multi-faceted technology communications landscape on India.