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Trinity Global Services offers a range of services to provide clients with communications solutions to influence the connect between brand and consumer. In addition to our wide experience in public relations, our digital offerings have grown exponentially over the past several years to include a dedicated social media and marketing team. Each practice area is led by senior industry experts who have years of experience with major brand campaigns across business categories.

Creative Design

From designing riveting logos to choosing the right visuals in order to distinguish your brand, our graphics designers create visually-arresting designs that help brands resonate among its customers. From advertisements, posters and billboards to websites and marketing collaterals, our designers pin their ears back to the need of the clients and craft design concepts that reflect the brand’s personality and build customer engagement with unmatched effectiveness.

Brand Communications

Every business, resonates its own identity including – brand name, logo and tagline. Trinity Global Services defines your brand’s identity to connect with your consumers and provides enhanced brand value. In today’s cluttered media environment, engaging customers is becoming quite a challenge. As a result, organizations are forced to adopt a holistic approach towards branding strategies; we can assist you in developing an branding strategy using mainstream and digital media that will leverage all communication activities in addition to – public relations, advertising and direct marketing.

Public Relations

Trinity Global challenges the typical traditional PR still achieving mass media communication for the client on the following:

  • Securing Cooperation of the masses is the biggest challenge of every organisation, which we at trinity are very adroit in creating mass pull or push as required.
  • Successful relation with the public is the key to the growth of every organisation. The general negative hurting sentiments can be rectified with positive measures.
  • Satisfying different community & Groups and enjoying the support of the protagonists is the dream of every organisation. Trinity for-sees the need of every community and devises strategies accordingly creates the goodwill for the client or organisation.
  • Engaging in a Dialogue means exchange of ideas leading to result oriented ventures which is the most essential and meaningful activity for every successful organisation.
  • On-going Activity and activities that are to be done on recurring basis weekly , fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually.
  • Specialized Activity like purchase, production, sale, finance, marketing etc. can also be undertaken and delivered to the client within the stipulated time and committed results.
Corporate Communications

Trinity Global Services help clients build favourable reputation through integrated marketing campaigns. We offer strong corporate branding campaigns that combine a variety of tools, such as media and investor relations, internal messaging, crisis communications, reputation management and corporate social responsibility. We help clients create positive associations with internal and external stakeholders by generating memorable brand identity. We also help clients in executing Multi-lingual and Multi-city Campaigns.

Crisis Management

In today’s world where global news is available with just a click, we have the expertise to navigate through critical issues, communicate effectively with key stakeholders and create positive media opportunities during a crisis situation. We are experts in understanding and developing proper communications through appropriate channels to safeguard your brand’s reputation. Our crisis management service help organizations anticipate mitigate and respond effectively.

Digital Communications

In a highly digitized business environment, various businesses are turning to online and mobile channels to reach out to tech-savvy audiences. Our digital marketing expertise includes social media campaigns, blogging, newsletter and online community management like Facebook and twitter. We help clients to engage with their audiences in a targeted, personalized and cost-effective manner. We maximize benefits of a smart digital media strategy by crafting engaging content and leveraging the latest communication platforms for better visibility.

Financial Communications

To help companies deal with today’s volatile capital market and safeguard shareholder value, we offer ways and means that reach out to stakeholders across the board. From IPO marketing, mergers & acquisitions to debt restructuring, our financial public relations agencies leverage deep industry know-how to model compelling messages that communicate effectively with analysts, business media and the general public.

Brand Management Consulting

With the complexity of today’s marketplace, we offer consulting services focused on sales marketing management and performance. Our programs for clients are customised to develop and execute effective sales and marketing strategies. We offer solution to companies for long-term and profitable customer relationships with differentiated solutions. We specialize in management consulting services for clients from various industries.

Market Research

The best business decision stems from comprehensive market research. Our business intelligence combined with market intelligence offer a customized intelligence for brands with the help of primary and secondary data analysis which can improve business objectives. Our market research experts are adept in the latest quantitative and qualitative research techniques required for any sound decision making. We offer B2B and B2C clients with current, precise and authentic information to ensure strategic marketing success. It includes brand positioning, target market selection, customer segmentation, marketing mix, SWOT analysis and competitor analysis.

Marketing Communications

We offer strategies, tactics and promotional activities to ensure your desired marketing messages get to your intended targets by leveraging suitable media vehicles. We are aware that cultivating brand awareness, securing customer mind share and retaining brand loyalty are essential for any business to stay competitive in today’s cut-throat marketplace. We are experts in marketing communications, branding, direct marketing, graphics design, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity and sales promotion.

Consumer Products Relations

We help consumer brands build strong and reliable relationship with customers. Our team engages with clients to tailor messages and strategies that speak to their key customers in different and meaningful ways. We build a strong voice that serves as a foundation for the brand and its messaging. We focus on creating an emotional connection with consumers —connect brands with audience based on need, desire and aspiration. We integrate all viable branding elements, including social media, cause marketing, events, contests, promotions and celebrity seeding to drive powerful outcome for various brands.

Media Relations

We maximize compelling media coverage by bridging with journalists and editors to ensure your mission and key messages are communicated in a clear, concise and consistent manner, backed with data from reliable sources. We have expertise to conceive persuasive storytelling and distribute the content through traditional, online and hybrid media channels. Our media relations expertise includes conducting media audits, providing strategic counsel for media interaction, brand positioning, pitching media interviews, securing media engagements, monitoring and analysing news, organizing media briefings, and providing media relations skills training. Our team is adroit to navigate the media sector and build newsworthy stories that connect with the masses.

Event Communications

Whether it is a new product launch, sales kick-off, conference, AGM or a reception, we offer focused branding to your internal resources to maximize your events’ success, regardless of the event size and nature. We set objectives, develop and manage detailed project schedule and budget, pre-event planning, regular progress reviews and meticulous on-site logistics and execute it immaculately to ensure success.

Media / Presentation - Training

Imparting knowledge based Media Training to Head Honchos from the corporate world to harness their effective public speaking skills to handle the press media and enhance the spokesperson’s interview skills. Tune them on the finer nuances of anger management, talking points, story narrations and crisis interview managements. Maintaining and increasing media relations on a professional front. Catering to the customer and relating to the target audiences, preparing for and developing the presentation skills whereby the conversions from prose to slides is made adaptable.

CSR Management

We develop programs, events, research and relationships with key NGO and government organizations that have helped hundreds of companies improve the impact of their efforts to improve social and environmental conditions. We work closely with influential business networking and HNIs to get the most out of the collective impact of business resources invested, to address social challenges and tell the story of the powerful diversity business in the making. We focus on three key programs to achieve this goal:

  • Take the corporate to the next level of social awareness.
  • Create a platform for businesses to work that impact and induce a change of social responsibilities internally and externally among all.
  • Provide for a common ground for narrating their story line.
Sports Management

Trinity Global is a sports marketing firm that creates partnership to deliver results with a one-stop option for our clients with respect to sponsorship consulting, sales representation, corporate hospitality, events and promotional marketing. We are also dedicated to international sports and a trusted partner that develop promotional plans to connect your brand, product or services to the targeted audience. Our experienced top notch team maximizes revenue and delivers cost effective sponsorship solutions for our clients and partners that also considers our core services :

  • Property Alliance Identification
  • League / Team Partnerships
  • Naming Rights
  • Negotiation
  • Activation / Promotional Platform Development
  • Creative Services and Production
  • Performance Evaluation
  • High End Corporate Hospitality at Premier Events
  • Business to Business Alliances
  • Event / Project Management
Talent Management

Trinity Global is aware of the ever-changing trends in global entertainment industry and offers a comprehensive service to artists, film writers, directors and talented newcomers, led by a dynamic team of industry experts in the field of entertainment. With diverse interests in every aspect of the entertainment value chain, from talent management to entertainment marketing and consulting, film casting and scripting. Trinity Global has a proven track record  of industry insight and experience to manage monetise and market multiple forms of entertainment properties, be it a celebrity, the owner of a media conglomerate, an international event or a feature film project that includes :

  • Licensing
  • Talent Brand Extension
  • Entertainment Consultation
  • Brand Consulting
  • In and Out of Film
  • Film Marketing
  • IP Creation & Management

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